Can we interest you in Brewery of the Month!?

Our goal:

To rethink the traditional brewery-created “mug club”, by combining exclusivity with exploration, all while elevating Denver’s craft beer scene. 

How it works:

The Denver Mug Club comes to life via a traveling case filled with 100 custom stoneware mugs. The program has two membership tracks. Breweries will be on each track in consecutive months, so while one set of guests will visit you in the first month, an entirely different set of members will visit you the next month. So, if you’re the Brewery of the Month for Track 1 in June, you’re the Brewery of the Month for Track 2 in July. 

How you fit in:

As the Brewery of the Month, we’d feature you in communications to our members and help push out some core details about your brewery and why it’s so radical. In return, we’d love for you to provide our members with a first beer free, and then $1 off any following pours that month of mainline beers. We also encourage you to get creative with what your “Meet-Up” entails since it’s really your chance to take a slow night and use it to create some new super fans and social media buzz. 

Meet-Up Ideas!

For reference here's what a few former Brewery Of The Month folks did for their month:

  • Call To Arms did an early tapping of their Maibock and pulled some nails during a private tour!
  • Mockery did 1/2 off pours on a First Friday in RiNo!
  • TRVE offered early access to a limited bottle release mid-month! 
  • Station 26 did a special tasting of various fruited Juicy Banger IPAs!
  • OMF did 50% off everything in the tap room including merch, beers in the taproom, crowler fills, etc.
    • Your Meet-Up can be casual or organized with the staff, or just a special deal or beer to drink. Hope that helps spur some inspiration!

This program doesn’t cost you anything to participate besides providing a complimentary first beer and $1 off further pours. You only discount beers if people are coming in to drink them!

How the mug gets to the club:

We built a fancy wooden case to house the mugs. Think of it as a dresser-sized craft beer shrine. We move it to your place the first of the month full of mugs, give you a clipboard with the members’ names printed and a spot to check off each one’s first free beer. You can confirm the person’s identity with their ID (since you prob check those anyhow). Then they drink your beer, and if it all goes well, love it and tell their friends about it. The brewery will wash the mug when the drinker is fat and happy and return it (mug, not drinker) to the case. We really want to make this as easy as possible for your staff and create something fun that helps market your beer and get people in the door who’ve never been before. We’re charging a recurring $10/month per member to cover our mug costs, marketing, etc.

What we need from you:

We need a commitment that you’re in so that we can tell the world! After that, we’ll need your high-res logo, pitch copy, etc., and finally some idea on what your “Meet-Up" might entail. Again, we want to market you and craft beer in Colorado, so the more we get to start with the better! And please track what happens! We want to know how to improve the program, any pain points and what you think worked well.

If you’re interested, let me know what two consecutive months in 2017 you’d prefer, starting in April. Please list your top three choices so we can make sure we get you something good! Like this:

  • April, May
  • May, June
  • August, September

Long term goals:

If this is a huge success, we want to continue to build the club’s membership and eventually add additional tracks (other cases of mugs running a separate set of breweries at the same time as our original club) so that we can feature your brewery again in the future.

After a successful test run in 2016, we’ve improved the program based off of brewery and guest feedback. About 30% of members visit a brewery each month, so we’ve increased the number of members to ensure more butts in seats for you through this program. Each track will have a maximum of 300 members.

In summary

Do you want a lot of new people in your brewery trying your beer and coming back for more? If so, what two consecutive months in 2017 would you like to be yours?