So, you've got some questions. Well, we've got some answers.

What do I get as a member?

As a member you’ll get access to a stoneware mug that grants you a free first fill at each featured brewery, $1 off mainline pours* for the rest of the time they're featured, and access to one Mug Club Meet-Up each month. What’s a Meet-Up entail? A Meet-Up could consist of a specialty firkin tapping, unique food pairing, private brewery tour, brew session, educational talk etc. It’s up to each brewery to craft something cool for members one day that month. The dates will change, so stay alert and open our membership emails! [*Discounts, pour volume and beer availability will vary from brewery to brewery!]

When and where is Denver Mug Club?

This is a traveling club with two cases of mugs that move every two months, so it depends! Check out the homepage for the latest locations. The club will be in each brewery for two months and there will always be two breweries you can visit at any time (with a tiny wiggle room given holidays, weekend hours, etc.).

When can I use my Denver Mug Club mug?

Featured breweries' normal hours will determine when you can use your mug. Check with them to see what the hours are. Beware that when the brewery is busy, it may take longer to get you a full mug, so please be patient! Also, even though the first beer is free, the bartender and brewers still did the same amount of work, so please tip!

What if I join the Mug Club mid-month?

As soon as your first payment goes through (on the 1st day of the following month), you'll be good to go to the featured breweries and enjoy! Until then stay tuned for further emails from us on where the case will be and what members can expect that month.

When will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged $10/month starting on the first day of the month after you joined. (Example: You join July 22nd. You'd be charged $10 on August 1st and then every month after.)

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel at any time, but any previous charges will not be refunded. You can manage your plan by searching for the last email from and clicking "Manage Plan". There you can cancel to remove your recurring charge. You’ll still have access through the end of the month that you already paid for.

Do I get to keep my mug?

Unfortunately no. The mugs live in the case and are part of the program indefinitely. However if you want a mug for home or the office, we’re hoping to offer them soon once we get the program off the ground. Stay tuned!

Can someone else use my mug?

Nope. The club is so exclusive we’ll have iris scanners to verify your identity. Ok...maybe not, but you will be cross-checked by your ID to get your mug.

What if I need to change my email or card information?

You can manage your plan by searching for the last email from and clicking "Manage Plan". There you can update your info.

Will I get the same mug every time?

Nope! But that's part the fun of it. There's multiple color ways, so each mug experience comes with new beer and a new mug! Because mugs aren't numbered or stamped with your name, you’ll have to make the best of the lucky mug you get each time.

Can I decorate a mug?

We wish we could say yes. But since you may not be a lifetime member and someone else will likely use that mug in the future, we ask you to refrain.

How big are the mugs?

The mug will hold up to 16 ounces of cold, delicious beer. However, each brewery has the discretion to determine what pour volumes match the beers they're pouring you.

What if I can’t make the Mug Club Meet Up?

Well that’s a bummer. But we can’t match everyone’s schedule up every month, so just make sure to make the next one! We’ll try to give you as much notice as possible to allow you to block off your calendar.

Can I suspend a membership for while I travel?

If you want to keep the mug, it’s only $10/month to hold your spot. What a deal!

What if my mug breaks?

We’ve got a limited number of extras for this type of unfortunate event. No stress, just make sure to notify the beertender to get it all cleaned up properly!